The Last Helper, from my Sophomore year at DigiPen

Current Work

I'm always working on a few different projects. First up, you might notice the link up there titled 'Emmy'. That's a link to an AI that does EMDR therapy. It's a work in progress and I'm not a licensed therapist, but give it a shot and tell me what you think.

I'm also working on the third version of The Last Helper! I'm currently stalled on my version of Unity being weird, but hopefully that'll get resolved with some expert help. I've got a neat enemy spawner based off of grammar stuctures to write about.

Finally, I'm also working on a game that tries to reinvent the FPS genre, and learning Unreal, at last, to do so.

About Me

I've always had trouble with labels. Capable programmer? Sure. Piles of languages and projects. Designer? Yup, I like making systems and characters and game mechanics. Producer / lead / general lead type person? Yeah, I like that too. And more, I could go on. 

When it comes down to it, I'm a problem solver and a maker. I solve problems and make things. That's what I'm good at.