A Designer's War

For two players

Kate Reinhard

Synopsis: The core of this game is to get your game out to the entire world...or at least, eliminate the competition to prevent them from doing so.


- A Designer's Warground

- Two d20s (twenty-sided dice)

- Two "Game" reference cards ("The Indie Prophecy" and "Call of War: Reach Triple A")

- ~20 red stones

- ~20 blue stones


- Lay the board out such that everyone can see and access it.

- Decide who goes first by calling even or odd on a d20 roll.

- Whoever goes second gets to pick their "game."

- The first player is the "game" their opponent did not pick.

- Each player's d20 should start with the 20 facing up

- This is representative of health, you lose if yours hits 0.

- Each player should also have the following starting materials:

- "The Indie Prophecy" should have the blue tokens and the respective reference card

- "Call of War: Reach Triple A" should have the red tokens and the respective reference card

- Each player chooses where to start:

- "The Indie Prophecy" can start on any blue tile.

- "Call of War: Reach Triple A" can start on any red tile.

- Each player starts with one token of their color on the region they start in

- "The Indie Prophecy" is shortened to "TIP" from here on out.

- " Call of War: Reach Triple A" is shortened to "CoW:RTA" from here on out.

Region Control Rules:

- Each region has it's own color - red or blue.

- That color is unrelated to which player has control of it.

- A region with a red token is controlled by "CoW:RTA".

- A region with a blue token is controlled by "TIP".

- A red token and a blue token on a region simply cancel out.


- Each player may Move and make an Action each turn, in any order:

- Move:

- You may move up to 2 times

- Each move is into an adjacent region

- Actions:

- Attacking the opponent (must be on the same region or adjacent to the opponent to do so).

- Attacking deals damage equal to the number of regions you control

- Use an ability

- Refer to your respective reference card for abilities

Win Condition:

- There are two ways to win:

- Take control of every region on the board

- Bring your opponent's health to 0.


President: Claude Comair

Instructor: Scott Dodson

Designer: Kate Reinhard

Awesome TA: Kevin Sheehan

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