Bouncing Buddy - A Learning AI

This is a project I made in Unity 4, which became obsolete a month after this project shipped. Unfortunately, the project files would be mostly useless, but you can download the files that contain all code related to the AI here.

This is a research project I did for my AI class at DigiPen. I created a framework in Unity for easily adding interactible objects for a learning AI to know how to interact with, and new behaviors for it to interact with those objects. The framework is grounded in component-based design and tries to use the flexibility it offers to the fullest extent.

The project itself is a simple creature simulation. The creature (a little blue circle) bounces around the screen. You can spawn food and rocks into its cage. The creature will either eat or push away the food/rocks. Then you can reward or punish that behavior so it's more/less likely to happen again. The game is just an example of the framework but could easily be extended into more complicated interactions and behaviors.

I presented this project to my class and wrote a research paper detailing the implementation 

You can see the presentation I gave here.

You can see the research paper I wrote on it here.